How to send money overseas in 3 easy steps

How to send money overseas in 3 easy steps

Sending money overseas is amazingly easy to do now anytime, anywhere with a convenient international remittance app made just for you – eRemit Singapore. It only takes a few simple steps to sign up and use. Now you can transfer money overseas from your fingertips, anytime on the app.

Easy Steps To Getting started …


First, you need to register with eRemit Singapore. Download the app from either the Apple Store or Google Play. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions


Here’s the link for both

Do without the eRemit SG Logo above


Next, complete your personal identification verification MyInfo or EKYC verification (to be launched in November) face recognition feature.


Wait for confirmation email


What’s “My info”?

MyInfo is part of the SingPass system and is a data platform that automatically fills in electronic forms, making it much faster for you to sign up to the eRemit app since you won’t be asked for any additional data like proof of address.

The MyInfo system is also extremely secure. Your personal information is “stored across multiple systems that are safeguarded by serious cybersecurity measures that include end-to-end encryption and multi-layered security”, according to GovTech.


Now you’re ready for your transfer. Be sure to add your recipients or beneficiaries profiles , and key in  the amount you want to send in Singapore dollars (SGD). The app enables instant currency conversions so you know exactly how much money you are sending.


You can complete the transaction by making a payment at an AXS Kiosk or AXS m-Station.

It’s really that easy!

Where can you transfer money to?

As first-time users of the app you get to enjoy $0 services fees with the code NEW3126. Or you can receive the first transaction for free with an invitation code from your friend under the Referral Programme.


Remember from Singapore, you can easily send money securely to 13 countries Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. For information on each country’s payment modes and schedule, go to

More than just for family!
Beyond just sending money to family and friends , or for education fees. you can also use the eRemit Singapore to make payments for your online shopping 24/7 . There are a number of online stores that offer customised services like buying exclusive homewares and furniture, that accept payment via an easy money transfer!

Why trust the eRemit Singapore App?

Integrated with SingPass MyInfo, the eRemit Singapore App has secure transactions, offers competitive exchange rates, lower service fees than its competitors with just SG$3 charged per transaction, and you can track and monitor your transfer status and history online.

On top of the fast, and safe transfers , the eRemit Singapore App is powered by Malaysia’s largest remittance company, Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd, an award-winning trusted, licensed Remittance Service Provider. With a network of over 84 branches, more than 400 agent locations in Malaysia, and is partnered with international wire transfer operators, major licensed foreign banks and other established pay-out centres.

Merchantrade Asia’s remittance network reaches 200 countries, and is considered to be the fastest growing money transfer service provider in Malaysia.

The eRemit Singapore App offers you a safe money transfer option that is fast, secure, reliable and affordable.

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