What is eRemit Singapore
Does eRemit Singapore belong to Merchantrade Sdn Bhd?
Who is eligible to use the eRemit Singapore service?
How do I sign up and use eRemit Singapore service?
What is MyInfo?
What is the advantage of using MyInfo?
How do I change the data extracted from MyInfo if they are incorrect?
Who is eligible to use MyInfo?
What do I do if I encounter errors or issues when verifying my identity using MyInfo?
Is it safe to use MyInfo to provide my personal details?
Where are the countries that I can remit money to with eRemit Singapore service?
How long will it take for my Recipients to receive the remittance amount?
I have registered for an eRemit Singapore account online or from the eRemit Singapore App. What should i do next?
How many Recipients can I register / send money to?
What information do I need to provide to register my Recipients?
Are there any charges imposed for each remittance transaction?
What is the exchange rate when remitting money overseas?
How much can I send?
How do I make payment for the Remittance Order?
How long do I have to make payment to complete my Remittance transaction? What happens if I fail to make payment within the stipulated timeframe?
What do I do if I provided wrong/erroneous bank account / ID / name of my Beneficiary? Can I amend a Transaction Order?
Can I cancel a transaction?
How can I obtain a refund if my remittance transaction fails?
What should I do if my Recipient fails to receive the remitted money?
Do I have to enter the Recipient’s details every time I transfer money?
How do I check the status of my transaction(s)?
Do I get a receipt for my transactions?
Will I be charged for any SMS received for eRemit Singapore?
I changed my mobile number. What should I do?
My FIN / Work Pass has expired. What should I do?
Can I change my personal details?
I can’t login to eRemit Singapore apps, seems my account has been blocked, what should I do?
How do I change my password?
Can I remit on behalf of my friends/company?
Why should I sign-up for eRemit Singapore?
What do the status mean?
Why do i need to provide my original or copies of my identification document?
What are the available modes of payment to the recipient?
How to register via eRemitSG Website?
How to register via eRemitSG Mobile App?
How to Login?
How to reset a forgotten password?
What are the technical requirements for eRemitSG mobile app?
How to reset PIN
Who do I contact for enquiries?
How do I add/edit/remove a recipient?
How to send money?
How to track my transaction and status?
How to request for cancellation and refund?
How to request amendments to my transaction?
Where can I find the latest forex rates?
Where can I find the order reference number that is required when making payment via AXS?
How do i add eRemitSG as a safe site?
How do I ensure eRemitSG is not spam email?
What is Invite Code?
How does the Invite Code work?
How many friends can I invite?
Is there an expiry date to the Invite Code?
Can I re-register if I forgot to use the Invite Code?
Can I invite existing users using my Invite Code?
Where can I find my Invite Code?
What do I do if my transaction fee is not waived?
What is Promo Code?
How does Promo Code work?
Is there an expiry date to the Promo Code?
Is the Salary Protector Insurance scheme still available?
I have further queries on the Salary Protector Insurance Scheme, whom should I contact?
Is my insurance still valid?
Can I opt-out of this free Salary Protector Insurance Scheme?
Can I transfer my insurance to another person?