faq cartegory: General FAQ

How do I change the data extracted from MyInfo if they are incorrect?

These fields are government-verified, and reflect what has been registered with the government. You may contact the relevant Agency to

What do I do if I encounter errors or issues when verifying my identity using MyInfo?

Please contact us via supportdesk@eremit.sg. Any messages received after 6pm will be responded to at 9am the next day.

Is it safe to use MyInfo to provide my personal details?

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of your personal details, only you will have access to the information on

Who is eligible to use MyInfo?

SingPass users who have set up their 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) and have registered their e-mail address or local mobile number

Where are the countries that I can remit money to with eRemit Singapore service?

The eRemit Singapore service currently allows remittance to 13 countries: Australia Bangladesh China India Indonesia Myanmar Philippines Malaysia Nepal Pakistan

How long will it take for my Recipients to receive the remittance amount?

The time where your remitted money is received by your Recipient will depend on the remittance destinations, receipt mode selected

I have registered for an eRemit Singapore account online or from the eRemit Singapore App. What should i do next?

Upon registering for an eRemit Singapore account, you will need to submit your valid identification documents for verification (NRIC/FIN/Work Pass).